Purple Martin Birdhouses

Purple Martin’s will reside in birdhouses that are white in color and are made up of numerous small compartments. A purple martin birdhouse is a style of birdhouse that is very different than the tight close-knit quarters of a single-family martin gourd. Purple Martins often prefer to live in a colony- type setting with other purple martin neighbors.

Mounting your Martin House

Similar to purple martin gourds, purple martin birdhouses should be mounted on a pole resistant to harsh weather and placed in an open area. Your purple martin house should be kept at a distance from trees and other habitat in your backyard.

Remember that attracting purple martins with a martin house is only the first step to building a colony of these songbirds in your backyard. Landlords should consistently protect and maintain the home while the birds are away for the winter. To further ensure that your backyard is purple martin friendly, learn more ways about how to attract purple martins.